Officers 2020-2021


Yukta Trivedi


Interests: Travel, Landscape, and Fashion Photography 
Fun facts: I’ve lived in 7 countries and I absolutely love travelling (thus my love for travel photography was born!). If i’m not taking or editing pictures, you’ll find me listening away to music on Spotify or playing the piano. It’s also very likely that my camera roll has hundreds of sunset pictures thanks to my endless obsession with pretty skies. I’m a senior majoring in Business Economics and minoring in Global Studies. Can’t wait to meet everyone!  


Simon Wang


Interests: Travel Photography, Analog Photography, Gears
Fun Fact: Despite shooting with a digital camera most of the time, I started to grow fascinated with films! As a hands-on type of person, I learned to develop color negative films on my own. My film-developing career was short-lived though — after successfully processing three rolls of film, some chemicals accidentally spilled out in my dorm and at that point, I decided to put a temporary end to my endeavor.


Tara Goel

Graphic Design Chair

Interests: Travel, Fashion, Film Photography
Fun Facts: I’m originally from India but I’ve never lived there. I grew up in the UAE, Switzerland, and Malaysia! I love tiramisu, travelling and trying out new things. I’m a rising third year double majoring in Environmental Studies and International Development Studies. Can’t wait to meet you all!


Ishan Saha

Social Media Chair

Interests: Street, Landscape, Astrophotography, Portrait
Fun Facts: I’m an aspiring physician majoring in psychobiology and minoring in global health. I grew up with a passion for painting, but when I entered UCLA I started taking more photos with my iPhone and fell in love with photography. When I’m not exploring new places and meeting new people with my Sony a6000 in hand, I love to make music while singing, beatboxing, and playing the saxophone.


Jame Dela Cruz

Newsletter Chair

Interests: Landscape, Travel, and Street Photography
Fun Facts: I’m a fourth-year transfer student (major Psychology, minor LGBTQ Studies)! I’ve been messing around with a camera since high school, and before The Incident I loved exploring LA with this club last year. I’m probably listening to music 25/8, so don’t be surprised if I’m humming something, haha. Looking forward to working with everyone!


Samritha Nagesh


Interests: Travel, Landscape, and Street Photography
Fun Facts: Although I’ve always lived in the Bay Area, I love traveling and exploring new cultures and cuisines! I also love going to the beach, painting, and trying out new recipes. I’m a junior majoring in Computer Science. Excited to meet everyone!


Lily Lee


Interests: Portrait, Street, Film Photography
Fun Facts: I’m a 4th year transfer and I transferred out of UCSC to UCLA. I love to geek out on graphic design, art, and photography. I first got into photography when I transferred in, and ever since, I’ve been taking pics here and there! I’m an avid dog lover, matcha enthusiast, and a hardcore napper. I’d love to get to know you, so don’t hesitate to reach out to me!